36"x60" Oil on canvas, gallery wrap


Description of Reincarnation

Reincarnation can currently be seen at my solo exhibition Resist Division in Kyo Gallery in Old Town Alexandria, Virginia through June 2019.

Reincarnation previously exhibited at my solo exhibition Resist Division at Frame of Mind in West Columbia, South Carolina from December 7, 2018 through January 2019.

Also available in limited edition prints.

Reincarnation is a painting that reflects my deep and thoughtful look into the possibility of the rebirths of souls in new bodies and/or a new version of something from the past. I am interested in this subject as I often ponder if wisdom comes from our exercise of living many lifetimes. My inspiration for this painting is my life partner as it is representative of our own potential reincarnated lives and how they may have intertwined with each other throughout history.

I was heavily influenced by symbolism growing up as a young adult in Cairo, Egypt. I have created a cache of symbols that I use throughout my work, whether it is the fish shown here representing our souls or the skulls which each represent one lifetime.

I find the use of double imagery in my work to be very technically challenging yet thoroughly rewarding when it works. One example within this painting is the two skulls in the middle of the painting, representing myself and my love looking at each other while the other skulls throughout the image represent our many lifetimes.