8"x10" Oil on canvas, framed


Description of Mr. Moneybritches

Mr. Moneybritches previously exhibited at my solo exhibition Resist Division in Kyo Gallery in Old Town Alexandria, Virginia through June 2019.

Mr. Moneybritches also previously exhibited at my solo exhibition Resist Division at Frame of Mind in West Columbia, South Carolina from December 7, 2018 through June 2019.

Also available in limited edition prints.

Mr. Moneybritches is a painting of a character or symbol that I use in many of my paintings. I would describe him as Machiavellian. He represents the wealthiest man/men who are really calling all the shots. The sheep represent the rest of us who continue to serve him and give him all our money. I often ponder if our bank account truly equates to our success. Society would tell us yes.  This also makes me wonder if I will be treated differently when I achieve success. Oddly, the face of Mr. Moneybritches in this painting has the characteristics of my life partner and myself and I’m not certain what that means. Am I concerned that she and I are subject to becoming “Mr. Moneybritches,” if we become successful? Are we all subject to becoming this person through success?