Oil on canvas, unframed


Description of Circle of Life

Circle of Life participated in 2016 City Gallery Juried Exhibition at Piccolo Spoleto Festival, Charleston, South Carolina.

Limited edition prints available.

Circle of Life is my observation on our creation. We all have ideas about how our lives, our world as we know it, began. If religious, we believe it occurred within seven days. Scientists maintain it took billions of years for the planet to be formed.

I depict the early continents here, before they had names. I show the earliest forms of life such as the dragonfly and fern.

This planet, as we know it, hasn’t been around very long in comparison to the universe. We are fragile. Any differences we have with one another will no longer matter without a planet. I was moved to paint this as an examination of how we as humans have free will and yet still choose to destroy it.