36"x30" Oil on canvas, gallery wrap


Description of Amoral Behavior

Amoral Behavior can currently be seen at my solo exhibition Resist Division in Kyo Gallery in Old Town Alexandria, Virginia through June 2019.

Previously on exhibition at Kyo Gallery in Alexandria, VA participating in the group show Resist and Recovery through September 2018.

Also available in limited edition prints.

Amoral Behavior is a painting representing how our current leaders have left us vulnerable to predators. The focus of the painting is the shepherd, who instead of protecting his flock, sleeps next to a fire. The image is at night when we are at our most vulnerable.

The sheep are split, and shown wandering off from each other, referencing the current division of our country. Our government has divided us, and instead of protecting us are taking care of their own self interests.

There are predators along the edge of the parameter. The animals are hard to see, and double imagery is used to conceal a snake within the winding rose bed, because we don’t see trouble coming until it reaches us.